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                                                        WHAT   IS   SOCIAL    SCIENCE   FICTION?                    



So. . .what’s social science fiction? You might think of dinner parties on space ships . . or cross-culture manners for foreign planets. But what I’m actually writing about are the dynamics within our own homes and families. You can find me mucking around in the dark but complex back alleys of our own brains. I like to explore shadowy corners where right and left brain vie for power . .where Mr. Fun struggles with the reptilian brain left over from early human development millions of years ago. .
For example take Jesus Christ . . .a lot of us talk to Jesus. . we swear and express wonder using Jesus’s and his father’s name. Growing up in my family’s house, my mother, father, and grandmother talked to Jesus like he was a relative who lived in the bedroom in the attic. My mother whined to Jesus . pleaded and begged him for her perceived appliance wants and needs. My father swore usin Jesus name for emphasis as if Jesus was his co-pilot in running our crazy out-of-control house .
       In stories like Alpacca Potato Jesus is usually in the room physically.  He gets down in the dirt and wrestles with my Gramma Jelly.  Jesus has a personal relationship with each member of the family. But that relationship is anything but religous. He has jealousy issues. He gets angry with my parents and bangs their heads together. He feels bad about his temper tantrums and overcompensates with gaudy presents to make up for what he's done before his Dad finds out.    
        The reality is that there are many, many  people running around up in our brains. . .all talking, criticizing, laughing at, and  judging us. . everybody from our elementary school teachers and classmates to, of course, OUR PARENTS.  They may be dead and buried, but they will always be up there alive and kicking up judgement dust.  I bring them to life in my Social Science Fiction stories. . .
"Dapkins writes in the family house. . in the family kitchen. . in the garage. . the church. His Social Science Fiction occurs in a dimension beyond that which is known to man. a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow. It is a place between science and superstition where parents and children converse out loud with Jesus Christ. . .mother's complaining to him, Fathers adding power to their decrees, grandmothers supplicating but taking no nonsense from the Son of God, and kids playing The Lord like a lottery. . .asking him to make their dreams come true in the realm of sex and gifts. . ."YOU NEVER KNOW -JESUS MIGHT COME THROUGH! You got nothing to lose, right? Might as well pray!"   This is Dapkins first action-mystery novel. It's written from the perspective of a minority detective apprentice who decides to re-create the case in his diary as it unfolds in reality. He creates an absurdly over the top black detective, Golden Blackmon,  to tell the story.  This book is a real treat.". . . Steven Clausdell.



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